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Welcome to The Greater Green Farm and Store! We are located in Grand Junction, in beautiful Southwest Michigan, atop 25 acres of forest and grassland. Our vision is to live a sustainable life, growing our vegetables and fruit naturally and without the use of chemical pesticides, fertilizers, or herbicides. We believe that this land and all its creatures are a wondrous gift, and we seek to live in harmony with all who share this world.

We believe in sustainable practices that help our land and soil thrive and live in ecological equilibrium, including crop rotation; the use of green manure cover crops; applying natural fertilizers like fish emulsion, worm castings, and horse manure; growing heirloom (non genetically modified) varieties of plants; using natural insecticidal soaps and beneficial nematodes for fighting off pesky bugs; applying natural mulches like newspaper and grass clippings; and lots of healthy sunshine, well-water, and good old-fashioned care.

We never use any chemicals of any kind for growing our produce, because we believe those chemicals destroy the delicate natural balance of the ecosystem. Since we also live on the same land we grow on, our number one priority is to keep our farm healthy and safe for our families, pets, and future generations. You can read more about our story by visiting our online blog at:

Thank you for supporting our farm!

With much gratitude,

Joanna and Alex Livieratos
Grand Junction, MI
(269) 767-5668

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